Posted in Week 31 Constellations 4/2/17-4/8/17

Constellations are Week 31, and I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This….

…because my first attempt is quite shoddy.

Since I had to keep it simple this week, I thought constellations would be a good idea,  and that I’d put them in my bullet journal. (It’ll make it easier for start placement, and it’s always with me.)

 I found a few things on Pinterest that inspired me and thought I’d do a chunk of the sky, with constellation outlines (black), then add the shapes of what they’re supposed to be (dark blue).

The original plan was to put them all on one page, so leaving adequate room, I started with Orion. Now, had I not intended to put them on ONE page, I would NOT have started with him. This is awful:

I have always had a huge respect for those that make these charts and add the images, and though I never expected to match their beauty, I didn’t think it would look like that.

First, although the shape of the constellation is great and fairly accurate angle-wise, I’m pretty sure where I have his knees is supposed to be his feet. Plus, that’s definitely not a club. (Some do depict him with a sword, but it’s supposed to be a club.) And the poor man has huge shoulders, a tiny head, Popeye arms, and no hands.

There’s also not much room for additional constellations, so we’ll see what happens the rest of the week. I might be able to get the hare in and/or one of his dogs, but Im not sure. I did leave room, but not as much as I thought.

I’m totally down with doing something that isn’t easy, but I really thought my idea was simpler than it turned out, and given the cramped schedule I have this week, it was important to not get in over my head.

To stay true to my goals, I have to post the fails, not just the successes, so here it is.



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