Posted in Week 30 Pinterest Art (acrylic inspirations) 3/26/17-4/1/17

Swing – Finishing Up

I did do some tweaking after taking the photo, but this will do for the blog. In the photo, I like the tree on the left better than in real life. I really hate the bottom – the grass is even more abrupt here than with the paper in front of me, but I’m extremely pleased with the swing – especially the ropes (even though they’re kinda jagged) and the tree on the right,especially the “leaves” with the exception of it being too round.

It was fun experimenting with the different charcoals and doing some layering, and I’m particularly proud of going very easy on blending. It’s mostly on the clouds (and I didn’t really like the effect the blending had – I liked when I took the kneadable eraser to them) and the very top of the horizon line.

This was a really good week for me, and I learned quite a bit. I’d love to continue this, but with next week as busy as it is (show week, conferences, and a million other things), it’s not possible. I still haven’t decided if I’ll do some “reruns” or very simple doodles.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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