Posted in Week 30 Pinterest Art (acrylic inspirations) 3/26/17-4/1/17

Quitting While I’m Ahead, or If I Keep Adding I’m Going to Hate It so I’d Better Stop

Yesterday, I felt like I had more to add but not much. I really did expect to add more to this, but aside from some details (and not many! – mostly just some shaping on the stairs and small stuff here and there) and shading, I couldn’t find anything else.

The image that appears on my Pinterest feed is cut off as represented in the sketch itself.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I see many details and nuances and shadows in the original photo not in my drawing, but I also know me. The more I try to put in, the more specific and tiny the detail, the “muddier” the image gets, and the less I like it.
With that in mind, I’m still not happy with the stairs, though they’re better than I feared they might be. I dont love the woodwork behind the chair or some of the shading – especially on the wall above the steps, but I was trying to imitate the shapes and placement of the stains on the wall in the original photo. 

But again, I took some time to fix things that didn’t look right or maybe I miscalculated something in my interpretation onto paper. The angles and proportions seem correct and consistent, and I count that as a small win.

I do still feel like it’s not complete, but I do feel like it’s found a place that can be called “finished.” Even if not well done, to learn when to stop is a good thing…right?



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

2 thoughts on “Quitting While I’m Ahead, or If I Keep Adding I’m Going to Hate It so I’d Better Stop

  1. Stop is not a good thing to do?! Keep going a head. Resistance is one of our techniques to go forward. We can say that one small step can change everything. Each new moment could be new life in our lifetime! Cheers


    1. I do see what you’re saying, but I also tend to fiddle with things a little too much – beyond what I can correct.

      This didn’t mean I’d stop drawing entirely – just this particular image.

      I will certainly keep that advice in mind, though.

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