Posted in Week 30 Pinterest Art (acrylic inspirations) 3/26/17-4/1/17

From an Abandoned House in New Zealand

I got more detail in than I thought I would today, but I suspect I’m only going to get through a couple of pieces this week. Next week is super busy, which means I’ll either be taking it off, doing a “best of” (although it’s a bit early in the year for that), or very simple doodles. It’s far from perfect (which I generally expect), but overall I’m pleased with it so far. 

The lines seem symmetrical enough and it’s overall proportional. I’ve got some spaces that I’m not sure how to handle, and stairs are always a problem for me.

I love photos of abandoned things. I follow a few accounts on Twitter that feature them, and there are dozens on my Pinterest board (if not more), houses, rooms, castles….To (roughly) quote one of the greatest episodes of new Doctor Who:

 “Old things make me sad. Said is happy for deep people.” (Sally Sparrow –Blink). 

This is a manor house somewhere in New Zealand. Here’s an attempt to show the original photo (which I’m just doing a portion of, as it originally shows on my Pinterest feed) and an attempt to embed it with appropriate credit, which may or may not work – given my skill, it probably won’t…

(Photo by Dan Parratt)



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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