Posted in Week 30 Pinterest Art (acrylic inspirations) 3/26/17-4/1/17

Baby Steps

I give it this title, because I had plenty of time to do more. However, after having fun (maybe too much because I think they’re too tall to add flowers) with the stems and leaves (though I see some spots that need a bit more – hopefully I remember!), I decided to apply fixer, before adding those flowers. I’m hoping that will allow me to add without blending with the colors beneath. (It’s also why I just did background yesterday.)

The can says to allow it 24 hours. I’m pretty sure it’s dry before then, but I shouldn’t get tooo hasty. I make big mistakes when I do. Besides, realistically, once I’ve done my daily sketch, I may still think about it, but I’m done and move on to other things….like practicing for pit orchestra. 

(There’s some killer passages in the Farmer Dance from Oklahoma, including notes on the piccolo that require alternative fingerings, because there aren’t as many keys to press as on the flute. I’m also pretty sure that six ledger line D should never be played – especially on piccolor – as we’ll all go deaf. I’ll probably take it down at least an octave, but it’s still very fast, and the fingers are tricky, so it’s eight measures of desperately fast 16th notes. There’s also an impossible rhythm at an impossible speed at the opening that I’veyet to figure out. But I digress…..)

Leaves are fun, but I am concerned about adding blooms, as I’m going to be tempted to use more detail and exactness than soft pastels will allow. (Although I have discovered there’s such a thing as pastel pencils. Not that I need another medium…or that it wold do me much good on THIS piece, unless I abandon it until I get one, but it’s not in me to do that. It’s not a book; I can read severalat once, but I can’t just do several art pieces simultaneously.)

I also broke one of my pastel sticks. So…do I go out and buy a new set or work with it for as long as I can? It bugs the slight OCD tendencies in me,  and the two pieces it broke into are very short, so I’m not sure how well Ill be able to work with them.



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