Posted in Week 30 Pinterest Art (acrylic inspirations) 3/26/17-4/1/17

Pinterest Inspirations, Week 30

There is a rather large board on my Pinterest account of art ideas and another with techniques. It’s a good time to tackle them. I’m hoping it will allow a challenge as well as some flexibility, maybe a bit more complexity.

I’m thinking most of these won’t be finished in one sitting/day, but it won’t be one piece that I work on all week, either. I’m guessing I’ll finish about three, and I’m planning on using different mediums. 

Most will probably originally be acrylic paintings that I’ll try with pastels (either oil or soft), but there are some photos I’d like to try to pencil sketch, too. This could prove to be an interesting week, but what you most likely won’t see is a common theme. At least, not an obvious one, though it’s all stuff that has caught my eye, so there could be a thread.

Today isn’t much, yet, but it will be. So far, it’s just the background, working in soft pastel. I promise more is coming! I’m thinking a few flowers and maybe some rain. It’s been that kind of weather off and on here. (Off and on with sunny, snow, tornadoes, etc. Sometimes all in the same day!)



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