Posted in Week 29 - Pen Houses Part 2 3/19/17-3/25/17

Shoulda Quit While I Was Ahead

This I was content with until I said to myself, “Self,” I said, “I started with a basic black outline. If I want to be consistent, then shouldn’t I outline everything on it in black?”

“Yeah,” my self replied.

It was a mistake.

It looked MUCH better before I added the lighter black lines around the door, window frames, and chimney.

Up until then, despite some unevenness, mainly in the angle of the top center and the human inability to draw straight lines without a ruler, this looked pretty good!

I do need to challenge self more and go beyond these basic pen doodles, but it’s so tough to do something elaborate every day. Must find balance….



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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