Posted in Week 28 Still Life Self Portrait 3/12/17-3/18/17

Still Life Day 4, Take 3

Full disclosure – I have a full day today (getting my hair done, pit orchestra practice, and a beer tasting class out of town), so I did this yesterday. Given yesterday’s disaster, it was probably a good choice for my self esteem to work ahead.

What we have here is a new basic outline done with standard mechanical pencil (#2). I worked bottom up, so for the first time my books are almost proportional, and I’m getting the thicknesses and angles more accurate.

However, it made for a metronome that’s just a bit off – too short, too narrow. What you see is not an optical illusion from the photograph’s angle.

The thread was added last (yes, I did turn the hook around to make for easier drawing), and it’s fine so far. For that, thedevil is in the details which will (maybe) come later.

I did add a light source (which didn’t really affect today’s work), but I moved it to the right – in line with the window. I didn’t like the angle from yesterday, but that’s probably because 1-it was working against what was coming in through the window and 2-I spent all last week sketching shadows that came from the right. 

Still haven’t decided what I’m going to do with this, but oil pastels are in the running. Charcoal isn’t out of the question, but the pencil version might be a better choice than the chunky sticks. 



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