Posted in Week 28 Still Life Self Portrait 3/12/17-3/18/17

Still Life Day 1 – Basic Outline

Not off to the best start. My proportions are already a mess, and since I have the whole day off, I really took my time, easily spending at least 40 mibntes. (No, that’s not drastically long, but I’ve been spending half that – at the most – generally averaging 10-15 minutes on most of my daily sketches.) It’s frustrating to put in that much time and effort and still have it all wrong.

I haven’t set up lighting yet, so the shadows you are seeing are from an East facing window. I’ll use an artificial light when I’m ready for that, so it’s consistent. 

Also, ignore all the junk in the back as it’s not going into the drawing. I placed it there to make better use of the room space and because it sort of frames it.

My goal was to just get the outlining done, so that, at least, was a success, and I just used a basic mechanical pencil.

The books just look wrong. The top one isn’t thick enough. Nor is the bottom, though it’s not as far off. And thanks to perspective, I know the width won’t be the same as if I’m holding it right in front of me, in my hands, but they just seem too narrow. 

I was working top down, and I feel good about the metronome, but somehow, it wasn’t wide enough and it messed up the books. Another problem: I’m sittting on my knees to get a face-on view, with the hope that would make it easier. Fun fact – it isn’t, and I keep switching my height – straight up vs siting on my feet.

It’ll be interesting to see if I manage to get over the issues, fix them, or if they become even more exaggerated as I go.



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