Posted in Week 28 Still Life Self Portrait 3/12/17-3/18/17

Creating a Still Life

The plan for week 28 is to do a self portrait still life. Now, I’ve never really created a still life before.

No, that’s not true, I used one for a faceless portrait of my grandmother for the Dogwood 52 Week Photograpy Challenge.

So I spent today trying to set my own up. The featured image for today’s post is (probably) my final. I’m showing all these to illustrate my process.  (These posted on the blog in reverse order, so the last one [labeled 13] was my first attempt and the last photo taken was number 1.)

It was tough, because I did want it to represent me and my interests, but there was so much. It lacked focus, and I just knew it would be impossible to draw. I’m on spring break and everything (only Thursday will be full), but even doing one object in the still life a day was ambitious and a plan for disaster.

After starting and fiddling around with it, I did a touch of research to learn that what I was thinking (but ignoring) that simple is better if you’re going to paint or draw. Then I started to whittle things away.
I’m not totally sure if my final choice (the second photo here) is the appropriate one, so I’ll accept any feedback anyone has on that. Ignore the crappy background and lack of lighting composition. I’ll add a definite light source before I start drawing. The purpose of this was to set up the still life.

1. 2.3.

4. 5.6. 

7. 8. 9.





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