Posted in Week 27 Poses & Shadows 3/5/17 - 3/11/17

Embarrassing Confession

Week 27 – Poses and Shadows

I don’t know if I can do this.

To my credit, I started this post after my first attempt at today’s sketch. I started with the figure, got too detailed, and all the proportions were off and gave up early on.

Then, when I started typing this up, I got to thinking about that level of detail and how detail isn’t really the point, and who puts all the little lines on when they draw the little model, anyway? What I needed to focus on were the shapes. Then I realized it would be smarter to start with the shadow, since that was, in fact, just a shape.

True, it has its issues, and I’m still not convinced this is within my skill set right now. But the other thought I had was, “I have no other ideas right now,  and I’m already a day behind. Not doing this means taking a week off. I dont want to do that.”

My shadow is too far away, and my shading is lacking, but I did try. The shade had more nuance before I applied the tortillon, but I wanted the shadow to be fuzzy like it is in the photo.
The figure itself is more proportional than many t Hingis I’ve done, but not 100%. The head is a little big. The arms seem the right length, but I”m not totally sure the legs are.

The “connecting” shadow is also all wrong. I’m only noticing now how wide it is, but that might also be because I”m looking at a much smaller version of the photo. I was very close up to a larger one as I sketched.

I’m glad I took a second chance at it. I’m not totally unhappy with the results.



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