Posted in Week 27 Poses & Shadows 3/5/17 - 3/11/17

Week 27 – Poses and Shadows

True story: it took me just as long to think up, set up, and take these model photos as it normally would to do a sketch. (And longer than some.)

So…if it seems like a cheat because I didn’t actually draw today, keep this in mind. I dont have any rooms in my house (except an added bathroom that my husband happened to be showering in at the time I was doing this) that you can make dark other than nighttime. There are windows everywhere

I do have this sort-of closet. (No door.) It’s usually full – neat and orderly, but full – but it was a good spot to clear out and use to create shadows.

Obviously, I won’t be sketching all of these this week, but it gives me some options. I have to work ahead a lot as my schedule is getting busier. It also means I have to find some time during school, and its testing week, so that’s not impossible. It does mean, however, that I had to plan all these setups from the get-go so I cold work on them not on location.

This week the focus is on the poses of the figure and shadow work. I won’t do these in any particular order, and I may do the pose or the shadow or both.  I tried to get a variety in there for poses (which was difficult as its a cheap model) and objects. The box and the ball were more about the shape than the color/design, so you won’t see those this week. 

Wish me luck – this’ll be tough!



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