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Places I’ve Traveled

I’ve been more places than some but not as many as even more. Here are the places I’ve been (that I can remember), state first in alphabetical order then countries. The list does not include drive-through and stopovers.

Alabama – stayed overnight in Mobile before a cruise

Illinois – Chicago for the Titanic exhibit and museums

Iowa – well, technically I live here, but I’ve traveled around it – for fun, even

Kansas – Kansas City, for debate nationals

Louisiana – New Orleans, college choir trip

Maryland – Annapolis and Washington D.C. And surrounding area – during elementary school (4th grade or so) with my parents and stayed with my great uncle

Massachusetts – Boston and surrounding area in 2016 (including Plymouth, Salem, and a cape)

Minnesota – Minneapolis several times – including to see A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie theater, college drama club trips, and a David Bowie concert, also to the Alton Alips ski place (not as far north as Minneapolis) in 8th grade

Missouri – Kansas City and St Louis – family trips (and band) to amusement parks and Hannibal

Nebraska – Omaha Zoo with Girl Scouts and Lincoln for a music competition

Nevada – Las Vegas with the husband, just for fun

New York – New York City, college choir trip

South Dakota – family trip to the badlands

Texas – San Antonio for a college choir trip and our honeymoon, and Dallas for debate nationals

France – high school trip, included St. Etienne, Lyon, and Paris, a visit to Mont Blanc, so I may have touched another country there, and I’m pretty sure the “country” house my host family owned and took me to is in Germany

Mexico – twice, once on a cruise (including Cozumel and Progreso) with my husband and his parents, once to a resort in Cozumel with my husband and my own parents

And in 2018 — Scotland and Ireland!!!