Posted in Week25 One Teacup, Many Mediums 2/19/17-2/25/17

Teacup 7 – Oil Pastel

I can’t help it. I like oil pastels. However, although this turned out just fine, it too is not an appropriate medium for this subject. I think I just have “dainty” in my head, and charcoal, soft pastels, and oil pastels are not “dainty.”

For once it looks like my leaves are (nearly) symmetrical. That’s thanks to doing the left leaf first. The handle seems too small for the size of the cup itself, and that ties back to oil pastels being a bit fat for the task at hand. The blending is a bit off, but I think the liquid in the cup looks OK, and I especially like that darker line in it. That’s one place where there’s a sense of realism.

I do wish I had had time to try acrylics or something…or maybe charcoal pencils or the graphite sticks. I worked ahead on several days this week. I have contest Saturday, plus some other stuff going on. (Nothing bad! Just busy.) I’m committed to doing art every day, but that’s not totally realistic. However, I make sure to post something every day, and it forces me to simplify and take on things that aren’t as ambitious or challenging as I really want to tackle.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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