Posted in Week25 One Teacup, Many Mediums 2/19/17-2/25/17

Teacup 6 – Soft Pastel

Well….it could be worse.

It’s no secret that not only am I not good with soft pastels, but it’s a medium that I am afraid of.

However, probably thanks to this being the 5th time I have drawn the same cup, this isn’t quite as bad as I expected.

Surprise, surprise, as with every image this week, the leaves are uneven. Maybe if I did the left one first…

Like the charcoal, I really think it’s just not the right kind of implement for the subject, but really, shouldn’t any implement work with any subject as long as I know how to appropriately adjust?

I will say that in being very careful with layering and shading, I think it looks relatively OK. If this were on a larger paper or canvas — and maybe one portion of an entire picture, it might actually look pretty good. I can see this as part of something bigger and making a lot of sense.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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