Posted in Week25 One Teacup, Many Mediums 2/19/17-2/25/17

Teacup 5 – Charcoal

Not a great medium for this subject — maybe if I were doing a whole thing and wanted some hazy look, but I’m not happy with this. 

Unhappy enough that I did it twice. The first one I had a heavy hand and tried to do some shading. Shadows were actually a sort-of goal for using charcoal, but just couldn’t pull it off.

The second one I do like better, and to me it looks like there is some depth to the liquid. Actually, without the leaf image on the cup, it isn’t too shabby, except for possibly the saucer. The lighter hand makes it more accurate, but I dunno…

Using charcoal was not only for more price with this tool but also in anticipation of chalk pastels. We shall see…..



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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