Posted in Week25 One Teacup, Many Mediums 2/19/17-2/25/17

Teacup 4 (Well…3B) 

The colored pencils I used yesterday are actually watercolor pencils. Today I worked with the water part. 



Unfortunately, I don’t see much difference, although there’s more in person than in the photo (but less now that it’s dry). Mostly, it just blended. I DO like the effect on the “tea” in the cup and somewhat on the leaves. The blue? Not so much. I used a brush on the blue and all edges and a Q-Tip on the liquid and leaves.

These are definitely tools I’ll need to do more playing around with. Some early experimentation (once I figured out they weren’t straight pencils) had some interesting results that I quite liked, but they’re not playing out here. Perhaps more layers of color before adding water with a brush, larger areas, maybe even dipping the pencils in water before using them.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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