Posted in Week 24 Color Play 2/12/17 - 2/18/17

A Touch of Van Gogh

The slight similarity to an element “Starry Night” was entirely unintentional, though I do love his work. The idea came from the lights in the background of the Paris painting (posted on Su bday to kick off this week.)

Again, working with only two shades of oil pastels, this is one shading/color experiment I can see myself using at some point. I still haven’t’ decided on what next week will be so it’s something to consider. 

Artist studies ARE on my list, and although I think I’m learning a lot from doing individual objects and such, I do need to start pushing myself. It might be a decent and do-able place to start. (But I’d have to go easy on blending!)



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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