Posted in Week 24 Color Play 2/12/17 - 2/18/17

Not a Leaf

This is not what I had in mind when I set out to sketch today. I knew I wanted green, and I knew I didn’t want to do a leaf. I didn’t have a clear picture, but I had a vague one, and this wasn’t it.

I meant to start with the lighter green and highlight with dark, but I started with dark by mistake. And I just let my hands do it and tried not to think too hard about it.

I’m least pleased with the “blurring” on the ends from my blending tool. I thought it would look neat to extend them that way, and it does not.

Other than that, I’m OK with this one. The tool eased out some of the abrupt changes, which weren’t as abrupt as previous attempts. It’s a happy little swirl fro what really wasn’t that happy of a day (but I’ve had worse).



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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