Posted in Week 24 Color Play 2/12/17 - 2/18/17

February Could Use Some Color – Week 24

Although we’ve seen a lot more sun in the last week or so, and we haven’t been overwhelmed with winter weather, we’re at that stage where things are dull and drag on. 

In light of that (and something I saw on, of course, Pinterest, I’ve decided to experiment with color this week.

Today is actually something I painted at a winery yesterday before heading to see The Sound of Music with my mom. It’s also not really what you’ll see this week. Mostly, I’ll be working with colored pencils and shading. This is a black and white acrylic with a color pop.

It’s still in the spirit of color experimentation, though. Full disclosure: there are some finishing touches – about 1/4 of the black shading and a few swirls that were done by the instructor. (This is significantly more than I’m used to gettting/accepting.) The rest was all me, and it’s one painting that I’m the most pleased with.

I swear the painting isn’t hung crooked. I took a crooked photo.

What made it difficult is that it’s one of those paintings – more so than usual – where what you see when you’re painting close up looks a bit of a mess, but from a distance looks pretty cool. That’s one of the reasons why I needed as much help with the finishing touches as I did. Even when I stepped back, it looked like it wasn’t quite pulled together.



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