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Best of 2017 (so far…)

Hmm…this is an odd topi for so early in the year, but its what’s on my list. It

It’s especially hard, since we’re still on a 2016 hangover, and that wasn’t such a great year. 

Nonetheless, there have been some good things, so I’ll attempt a short list. Most of them come from my own personal life and not for the world at large. If nothing else, even if you can’t directly relate, maybe it’ll inspire you to find those small things in your own lives so far that have gone well.

-my speech team has made two state events so far — and earned superior ratings (group improv got Is from all three Jude’s!)

-my cats have been gaining weight back (they’re getting older, and I’ve been worried about them)

-my drama 1 kids have had their best short plays ever – and I’ve had better/more talented classes

-they didn’t make me go to the pep rally today

-I’m going to a painting class and “The Sound of Music” tomorrow

-the weather has been kind to us (though I wouldn’t have minded a few more snow days)

-my dead car was just the battery – a (relatively) cheap and easy fix

-I’m still drawing and blogging about it – way to stick with a habit!

-we’re reading Fahrenheit 451 (AKA the greatest novel ever written) in my science fiction class — in brand new books – yay!

-I don’t have to hold our notables project on a separate night – I already have to be here for other reasons

-I get to take a bus to solo speech contest, instead of driving a suburban myself

-the sun has come out

-I’m two months closer to going to Scotland/Ireland

-Bates Motel is airing its final season in the next couple of weeks

-only two more months until new Doctor Who



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