Posted in Week 23 Reality in Shapes 2/5/17 - 2/11/17

Week 23 – Shaping Real Life

So I set this week’s goal to drawing items from life – but only their basic shapes. Why? Because although I can see and imitate shapes in drawings Im using as models – and usually photos as well – I have yet to do it with actual objects. Lines don’t exist in that sense, and without them, I have trouble getting angles, proportions, shading, etc.

I’m really going to not like this week, but its going to be good for me. You can see where I did some basic shaping then did some erasures here, but I was working with an antique doll, and I put in shapes I can’t actually see but know are there. Mostly this just looks weird.

Again, I still think it will be good for me.

Maybe I should have started simpler, but I didn’t want to “dumb it down” too much with, say, my metronome or something. I thought this might be pretty basic but still be somewhat of a challenge, and that’s the point, right? 

These aren’t going to be great pieces of art, though, just a step in the learning process. (And that’s OK.)



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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