Posted in Week 22 Back to Reality; Sketching from Actual Objects 1/29/17 - 2/4/17

I Thought This Would be Easier than it Was

I picked this simple figurine from my desk at school. I was looking forward to doing the wings, but those turned out to the the most difficult.

It’s OK…..shape-wise, anyway. The head is a bit small for the body, but it’s not as far off as yesterday’s lamp.
I took two stabs at the wings. The first version was even worse than this, but then I erased, picked a “center point” and tried to “connect” that way. It’s a bit better but still….
It looked better before I added them, but I wasn’t done, so I had to.

Yes, I have all these little notes all over my desk. Some of them are 10 years old. At least we’re near the end of the day and it’s a mostly clear space. The only r Eason you can see my planner and daily book is because I have a stack of journals that need to be done forever ago taking up their normal spot.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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