Posted in Week 21 - The Line Project 1/22/17 - 1/29/17

A Little Frazzled, or Thanks, Post Office and Cat

Today was tougher. I was already rushed due to knitting night, so I could only put forth about five minutes.

It was very much needed today, because that time crunch stresses me out (self-imposed, I know) but it was also the day that my NES Classic Edition was supposed to arrive. (If you weren’t already aware, this item has been out since November and has been very hard to get. I had it snatched out of online shopping carts countless times.) I’d been tracking it all day, and we usually get our mail just after The Price is Right ends. 

Not today.

When I got home, I panicked, because there was no mail. At all. I figured they were doing packages last – this happens sometimes if it’s large or there are several for the address. Then as I walked the dog (about 4:30ish), I see the postal worker (not the usual one) go by across the street (which gets their mail first). Ok…..

5pm – nothing. 

In the meantime, I get to my chores, changing, etc., then dig into the art for 5 minutes, using it as an opportunity to calm down. During this time, the mail arrived…but no packages.

Now, I love all three of my cats, but Opus was being a pain in the neck. He was knocking stuff down in my workspace, nudging my head, nudging my hand, batting his tail across my work and into the pen, and trying to steal the pen. This wasn’t helping. 

So….not only did I not get very far, most of the lines I did manage to add are not unbroken lines. There were many interruptions.

And I didn’t manage to chill down much.

The pencil is marking my starting point today (although I am working top down).

As I wrote this, our packages did arrive. We had three – that combined with the very late worker (maybe they were short staffed?) are probably why it was so late.



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