Posted in Week 20 Gates (1/15-20/17)

Fence, Gate, Whatever – It’s Still What I Had in Mind this Week

True confession time: this was done a day in advance. (So…again two drawings in a day, which becomes a major time commitment.) The school event planned for Monday was postponed until Tuesday thanks to Winter Storm Jupiter, AKA ice-mageddon. Though I could have sketched at school on Tuesday (my original plan), given that my midterm grades were also due (and again, no school Monday so I lost some time there on them) on Tuesday, it was best to do this early.

Since I did two in a day, and I spent at least an hour on Monday’s drawing, I kept it simple. I did use a ruler insistently with it. The curved parts are more even than Ive been doing lately, though I still need practice. I also need to learn to use a paper or cloth to set my hand on as you can see a lot of smudges….

I’m not unhappy with the work; I’m just not a fan of my choice of model. Plus…without context it’s hard to tell if it’s a gate or a panel or a balustrade or what. That’s OK, though. By gate, I really did mean fences of all types but especially those wrought iron-type designs.



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