Posted in Week 20 Gates (1/15-20/17)

Gates, AKA Elaborate Outside Doors, Week 20

I know gatesaren’t all that different from last week’s doors. However, I was kind of on a roll, and I really need to keep working on the list of themes I created when I started this journey.

For a first attempt, it’s OK. Since Sunday = get as much video game time in as possible, I’m working ahead. And working ahead means doing more than one sketch in a day, so I needed to keep it simple. Monday will also (probably) be pretty simple. I have to be at school from 5-8 for this ridiculous PBL thing. 

(Unless Winter Storm Jupiter, or as I like to call it, ice-mageddon, hits. That would allow me to do something more detailed on Monday but Tuesday would be simple since the PBL night is pushed back, making a whole set of new problems. But whatever.) 

(Sorry for the crap quality photo.)

As my first attempt, it’s …. acceptable. I like my detailing, but the gate itself is a bit off. Well…it gives me a base point to work from, anyway.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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