Posted in Week 19 Doors (1/8/17-1/14/17)

Circumstances Have Forced Less Detail

Although yesterday’s was far from “good,” I was pleased enough with my progress that my original plan was to repeat the drawing from life with one of the doors to my house.

Unfortunately, my mom broke her foot yesterday, and with stuff going on (nothing major) plus ice-mageddon (Winter Storm Jupiter), I need to make the hour drive up to Des Moines (Johnston) today rather than Saturday or, worse, Sunday. (Plus, thanks to Jupiter, get the weekly grocery shopping done. Wish me luck on bread and milk!)

So,  I used another found-on-Pinterest inspiration. It’s OK for what it is. I don’t have anything really nit-picky to say about this one. It’s clearly more rushed than others as I try to do it while students make up quizzes for me.


photo-on-1-13-17-at-3-12-pm(It’s also backwards. I forgot my iPad, so I had to use Photobooth.)



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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