Posted in Week 19 Doors (1/8/17-1/14/17)

Week 19: Opening Doors to a New Year

This blog began with windows, and since we’re on to a new year (and most of us are more than happy for 2016 to leave and “don’t let the doorknob hit it on the way out”), so I’ve decided to kick it off with doors.

These will be pretty simple, but I’d like to up my drawing game a bit from the last few weeks, where I’ve basically phoned it in. I ended the year with a “best of” and started the year with the most basic of sketches. I can do better. Heck, improving my drawing skills is the point of this whole blog!

Today’s entry is a screen door I found on a design sheet on Pinterest. My ruler skills could use some work, but at least I’m using it consistently. The wavy lines are not the same on purpose, but I could have done better with the half circles. 

Drawing this in the bitter cold weather (typical for state debate weekend, but at least there wasn’t precipitation or heavy wind to go with it) makes me long for those weeks in summer I’d spend with my grandparents.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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