Posted in Week 18 - New Year Doodles (1/1/17-1/7/17)

Ringing in a New Year – Week 18

True confession time: I have a killer week with commitments, so every doodle was done in one day.

We don’t normally do a big thing for New Year’s, and I”m pretty happy watching the ball drop at home with a glass of wine and my husband…maybe awake, maybe not…in his armchair. Sometimes he has a gig, and this year we’re going out with some friends. 

I have mixed feelings. I like being part of the cool kid’s club, but socializing is exhausting for an introverted indoor girl like myself, and it’s quite a long evening. It’ll be fun though. It really will, and I will be glad we did it.

Later this week, I’ve got other social-type things, plus starting back up in school, kicking speech contest practice intofull gear, and the state debate tournament. It’s busy. So I kept to doodles, and I got them done waiting for our NYE celebration to begin.

Since I’m writing seven posts in one go, I’m really going to push my loquacious self to comment little to none. None of these are particularly special but my goals are to keep drawing, try multiple mediums, and work at variety in subjects. A little bit of something is better than nothing at all.

I don’t know what Id even call today’s – it’s like a little paper trumpet(?) with celebration coming out. It’s one of my more successful ones this week.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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