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Timeline of My Day

This will probably be the most boring blog post I’ve written, which is saying a lot. I write these on Sunday…or at least in anticipation of Sunday, as i often work ahead. That being said, Sundays are the day where I do pretty much nothing. I guess it would be “allowed” to write about a different day, as I can make my own rules about this, but that’s not really in the spirit.

9:15am – alarm goes off (I get to sleep in a bit, but if I don’t set the alarm I’ll sleep until dinner time

9:15-9:40ish – stay in bed and scroll through Facebook for a while

9:40-10:15or so – get up, get dressed, feed the cats, walk the dogs

10:15-10:30 – water the plants, put away dishes from the washer, take out recycling

10:30-11/11:30 – chill out on the couch with coffee, watching Judge Judy and Twilight Zone reruns and twiddling around on my iPad

Except today – today that time was cut down significantly but the snow shoveling – it’s the only time of year I hate living on a corner lot. Coffee after, to help warm up.

I would like to point out that the actual temperature when I shoveled and walked the dogs was -3 degrees Fahrenheit. No exaggeration. We also have a wind chill advisory, so the feels-like temperature was -25 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s right: MINUS.

11:15-11:30 – pack school lunch and set coffee maker for Monday

11:30-12/12:30pm – sketching and blog writing

12:30-12:45 – lunch

12:45-6:20pm or so – video games – I’m not kidding, I will actually sit and play games for this long. Yeah, I might stop for a very short nap or a quick snack, but it’s the one day I can really sit and play. It is a long period of time, yes, but you wont find me playing at all any other time. (Except in summer, but then I dont do it for such long stretches.) These days I am focused on No Man’s Sky, but Skyrim (I still haven’t won one of the add-ons) is also pretty major.

6:30 – feed the cats…and probably human dinner time as well

7-9 – possibly TV, they’ve been doing Sherlock on PBS in anticipation of the upcoming season 4 premiere, sometimes we watch a movie, I might crochet while watching…or not, and I’ll usually fit a snack in — Once Upon a Time is usually on, but I tend to DVR those and. Watch them later

9-10 – time to wind down, take a shower, head to bed

10-11 – read in bed or until I get tired



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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