Posted in Week 16 - A Christmas Carol (12/18/16-12/24-16)

Dickens’ Ghost Story of Christmas

One huge tradition my family had growing up is with A Christmas Carol. We watch the Muppet version every Christmas Eve morning. We watch the Alastair Sim version every Christmas Eve night. My dad is Mr. Christmas. We used to drive up to see it at the Guthrie Theater up in Minneapolis every year and have a collection of ornaments to match. I read the book every year – one stave a day, ending on Christmas Eve.

This week will be a challenge, as my theme is A Christmas Carol. I don’t think I can avoid doing human figures (but I’ll try!), and there are only so many models I can find online. (And, oddly enough, my three copies of the book do not have illustrations.) Those that I can find tend to have people in them. This means I’ll have to draw from my imagination. I have a hard time keeping a picture in my head the same, so that’s hard to do.

Today is my “cover image” – it’s a combo (from memory) of the poster we used when I adapted my own stage version and an image I saw of a book online. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I dislike the text the most, especially the lower one, but I also think I could have gone a bit more elaborate on the clock. There’s also something not quite right about the candle, but I added that because I didn’t think the clock was enough.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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