Posted in Week 15 - Christmas (12/11/16 - 12/17/16)

Just Two Weeks!

It may seem like doing Christmas for this week’s theme is early. However, I have a Christmas-related plan for the days leading up to Christmas Day.

Initially, I thought doing a Nutracker theme week would be fun. That’s probably true. However, I dont have that many ideas, and I’m still limited in skill, so maybe some other time. Week 15 will feature a variety of images in different mediums that represent one of my favorite holidays. Today I took another stab at chalk pastels. It probably looks a lot better than I’m giving myself credit.

I mean, it’s OK and all, but I just can’t get the hang of blending with these things. And the leaves are a bit wonky – the ones just to the right of the candle lack definition as well. For my eyes, I think I’ve left too much open space, somewhat around the glow but mainly down by the leaves. I just couldn’t deal with overlapping them any more.

I do like how the berries turned out. I don’t think they appropriately represent a light source, but the way I layered colors seemed to really work

Although I like the effect working on black paper has, some of my sticks just didn’t want to produce color on it, namely the orange. I dont’ know if this is a paper or pastel issue. I guess the only way to find out is to work on another kind of paper and see what happens.



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