Posted in Week 14 - Medieval for Madrigal 12/4/16 - 12/10/16

No, I Swear, it’s a “J”!

Since I am actually attending madrigal dinner tonight, I did this in advance. Two days in advance, actually, which means three sketches in one day, so I had to keep it simple.

Illuminated script is gorgeous. I can’t do gorgeous, but I did want to represent medieval-style writing at some point in this week. What better letter than my first initial?

Well…almost any other letter, actually. J’s are hard. J’s are also difficult to recognize in this style, though this one isn’t too bad.

It could be worse, but I wouldn’t rank it up there with my most quality work. The lines/curves aren’t consistent, and it’s not well masked in the design itself. And though I tried to erase my pencil marks (I’m learning!) they’re shining through. Another sign of me learning is how I adjusted. It didn’t look right at first, so I tried lengthening the top part (so I wouldn’t have to redo the whole thing). It sort of worked. It’s certainly better than it initially was. (Pun intended.)

I accept this for what it is, but I’ve got a lot of practicing to do.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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