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My Earliest Memory

This is tough. There are a lot of very early snippets in my head, but I do not know how old I was, what order they go in, or if they’re real and not dreams.

One that I think is a dream but could be real is I was a baby and remember someone – my mom or other female relative – coming to pick me up. The room had a dark red or reddish brown color to it.

There are several from when we lived in Cedar Rapids. These I’m pretty sure are real but ages aren’t too great – I just know I was less than six.

-getting sick on Easter and throwing up on peanut butter scented stickers

-sneaking downstairs -or at least to just the top of the stairs as there was a mirror over the fireplace so I could be seen – several times to gaze at the Christmas tree and once while my parents were watching a scary movie (I’m pretty sure it was Children of the Corn)

-getting myself breakfast and lunch before afternoon kindergarten (Dad was home but he was going to college and working overnight there as a custodian, so he was usually asleep)

-watching Mr. Rogers with my dad before I left for school

-picking up walnuts (ugh!)

-sneaking into sun porch off my bedroom in the winter – it got closed off because it was cold in there but a lot of my toys were in there too

-pretending to play flute while playing the Mary Poppins soundtrack on vinyl

-all those storybook records

-taking shelter in the basement for a tornado warning – a spider crawled across the floor

-all the times the cat got out – usually climbing the big tree out front and once killing a rabbit that I thought was the Easter Bunny

-picking rhubarb and taking it to the neighbor across the alley (bac) and visiting with her (an old lady named Gertrude)

-being late to kindergarten because a friend and I were playing on the playground instead



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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