Posted in Week 13 - Christmas Trees (11/27/16 - 12/3/15)

My First Foray Into Chalk Pastel

This is a medium I’ve been scared of. I played with it a bit when I got my set – just doodling and blending in my sketchbook, but it came off so easily. I learned that a fixative was necessary – which I did finally acquire – but even just the basic sketch didn’t want to stay. (Now that I’ve done an entire piece, a lot of this had to do with too light of a touch.)

Christmas trees seemed a good chance to try it out again as the subject might be more forgiving to the medium. I had the tools (pastels and fixative) and some black paper I’ver been dying to try that I thought would make the colors pop.

This was modeled after an acrylic painting, found on Pinterest, that someone has for sale. For my first try, I think it turned out pretty well! 

The chalk pastel still doesn’t want to blend, but it does seem to like to layer, so that’s something new to try. I am very happy with the shading on the snow mound. I do wish I had drawn that first and done the tree on top of it (to avoid those obvious edges). 

The angle of light isn’t as consistent as could be. I just didn’t think it out as I was doing it. It looks good on the bottom, but on the tree it is obviously kind of random.

I did use what’s called a workable fixative. All I did with it at this point is spray it to keep the chalk on. I’m wondering if I can use it to help with blending….definitely something to research and experiment with.



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