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Leftovers: My Fridge is Bursting

How ironic that the suggested blog post for this week is “What’s in Your Fridge.” Thanksgiving has just passed, and my husband and I, being fairly centrally located, host my parents, his parents, my uncle and cousin (on my dad’s side), and my brother, his wife, and their five kids (though she and three kids were absent this year).

As such, my fridge is stuffed full of leftovers, so there’s a lot to cover here. Generally, you’ll maybe find ingredients for an upcoming meal, or its leftovers, a TON of condiments, bread, and lots of beverages (mostly pop and alcohol – we don’t actually drink that much booze….so it sits in there a long time). We also like to try various mixed drinks. We’ll buy the ingredients, make a couple, then put the rest of the bottles on top of the fridge. (Not pictured – it makes us look like alcoholics.)

Leaving out what you can’t see, because there is stuff in the way and moving left to right, top to bottom:

-Top Shelf: Watergate salad, (I think the green bean casserole, corn, and mixed veggies are behind it, as well as pickles and other jarred items) cheese, gravy, cranberry sauce, Sunbeam bread (in honor of my grandfather who used to deliver it. (The remains of the Chinese food my husband bought the night before is behind that.)

-Upper drawer – eggs, leftover drippings, and for some reason my husband put the butter in there

-Middle Shelf – two kinds of homemade pie (maple walnut cream and pumpkin (made from fresh), with an emergency canned pumpkin pie with frozen crust thanks to the Great Pumpkin Pie Disaster 2016, beer (I’m pretty sure there’s milk behind it), mashed potatoes, turkey (with the dark in a separate container)

-Bottom Shelf – Pineapple Fanta, Coca-Cola, homemade whipped cream, dressing, and behind it I’m pretty sure are some random cans of pop like Sprite and Diet 7up

-Bottom Left Drawer – All stuff I use for my school lunches: mini candy, baby carrots, babybel cheese, applesauce, plus pineapple juice and candy I don’t want to share

-Bottom Right Drawer – stuff that won’t fit elsewhere, including some peach yogurt wine (trust me, it tastes MUCH better than it sounds), some white “summer” wine from the Wide River Winery in Le Claire, IA, the regular whipped cream, celery, and a couple of cans of alcohol that my husband purchased more than one of (never having tried it before) and didn’t like

As you can see, in the door, it’s mostly condiments – ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, horse radish, various dressings and sauces, and a bottle of carbonated cranberry wine in the bottom, butter, Redi Whip, chocolate sauce, jams and jellies and sweet toppings in the middle, coffee creamer and lemon juice and pomegranate syrup in the top, and though there is more butter in the butter space, there is also half and half and lime juice



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