Posted in Week 12 Thanksgiving (11/20/16 - 11/26/16)

No Surprise – Thanksgiving is the Week 12 Theme

Edit9ing note: I hope I caught all the errors. Typing in the car was not easy, and I did start to feel ill. It was also slow-going and created a lot of typos. I did check, but I may have missed some.

You will see more than just sketches here, and I will most likely be working ahead on most of them as it is a busy, busy week for me. Here is a smattering of what I have going on:

-Sunday is my video game day, but also it’s the annual viewing of one of my favorite movies Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Poldark is on, and since my friend at work and I discuss it, and because it’s a busy week, I don’t want to get behind)

-first week of the new trimester at school (two and a half days = dumb, but if we didn’t start so darn early…)

-I have three pies to bake (2 pumpkin & 1 maple walnut cream), which means making pie crusts and Tuesday and pies on Wednesday

-parents coming over Wednesday, but Mom will help chop veggies in advance

-also on Wednesday, I have to make Watergate salad and cranberries, and homemade whipped cream (that’s new this year)

-Thursday is Thanksgiving, and the rest of the family (my brother, two of his kids [minus the wife and other three for some reason, but she’s hard to get along with so its OK], my in-laws, my uncle and his son) will be here for the feast

-my husband literally just walked in the room and last minute invited me to some Twinn Galaxies thing where Billy Mitchell (former Donkey Kong champion) and Walter Day (official classic arcade champion referee – we met him by chance once at the movie theater) are there for photos and signing down in Ottumwa (video game capitol of the world) so most of today’s plans are shot, and I am literally writing these words in the car as we drive down, not an easy task

-not sure what’s on for Friday, but mom and I usually get nails done, and Chris often tries to shop for Black Friday like a moron (but if can score an NES Classic Edition, it’d be worth it) – we do most shopping, especially for Christmas gifts online, and be “we” I mean “me”

-Saturday is an arcade auction at Iowa’s only legit amusement park Adventureland, and I think my parents will head home, but Dad will come with us

-Sunday is a new week, and though I really want to put the tree up, since I have a tournament the following week, I am also going to want to play video games, so who knows

Anyway….on to the art.

True confession time: I did this yesterday, because I wanted a Thanksgiving painting, and I was running out of time. (Remember, I planned video games and movie time for today, and you see the upcoming schedule.)

The art center in Pella had this as one of their adult art classes, but I didn’t attend. I just took a photo and did it myself, on a smaller canvas.
I think it would have turned out better had I been at the class. It’s OK for something I did on my own but I did get impatient,  and my paint….I don’t like it as well as what the classes use. I purchased an acrylic set, and I like other mediums this company makes, but maybe their paint is a different texture…or tt’s old. It is much more dry than what the art center uses,  so I had to add a lot of water…which meant certain areas didn’t dry very quickly…which meant adding the details was either a longer wait or it didn’t work so well because the base was still wet.

The Doctor Who “Power of the Daleks” was airing, (followed by Dirk Gently), and I wanted to watch that, and be done painting at that point, so I did not take as much time and care as I should have.

I think I will be using a variety of mediums (even though I am still stuck on images – I only have a couple of ideas) this week, so stay tuned!



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