Posted in Week 11 - Doctor Who Pen Doodles (11/13/16-11/19/16)


I’d kind of like to delete this sketch.

One – The Cybermen, not one of my favorite Doctor Who baddies. The modern ones are just like the Daleks…just in different form. The classic ones aren’t too bad, but there’s scarier out there.

Two – I may not have chosen the best image as a model, as I don’t think it looks quite right. Pair that with my lack of ability, and it becomes really skewed from an actual Cyberman image. The photo of my sketch looks a bit better than reality.

Three – Although learning to sketch in pencil then go back over with pen is starting to stick, I really had a hard time. The pencil version actually looks much better, but the pen is terrible. I wasn’t even rushing, but I just couldn’t not shake, and I could not stay on my pencil lines. (FYI – I did do a better job erasing the pencil marks than it appears; this image is really close up.)



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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