Posted in Week 11 - Doctor Who Pen Doodles (11/13/16-11/19/16)

And the Fat…Walks Away

Ok, ok, this was a bit of a cheat, because it’s so simplistic. But I gotta say…drawing adipose was tougher than I expected.

My little guy is not nearly as cute as the originals. Part of this is my lack of ability, but I also think I chose a poor model. Now, the image I used wasn’t all that far off, but I was just enough. And my rendition only strays further than the true shape. Mine looks like a ghost with feet.

There are better versions out there. I’m not so ashamed of this that I won’t post, but it certainly could be better. I wanted something quick, as I’m working on super cleaning in preparation for Thanksgiving next week. (I can’t do it next week, because I have a lot of pumpkin steaming, pie making, and other food prep to do that will occupy most of my hours all next week.)

Now, she was a bit psychotic, but I really don’t think the Nanny was doing anything all that bad in Partners in Crime. She was never going to get to keep the adipose, and she was helping cure obesity. Ah, well, I guess we had to learn a lesson about taking short cuts – one I could even apply to this sketch.



I'm a humble little Anglophile with obscure talents.

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