Posted in Week 11 - Doctor Who Pen Doodles (11/13/16-11/19/16)

It’s a Robot Dog!!

K9 is my favorite Doctor Who companion. What’s not to adore about him? It’s a dog (and dogs are awesome) with the intelligence and capabilities (and lifespan) of a robot!

I loved him from the classic series (and was one of the few I could recognize) even before I was a fan. Then he appeared in the new series, and I was over the moon.

 Side note: the dude who did his voice in the classic series and Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor) were both avid crossword puzzlers, and during breaks, they would work on a crossword puzzle…but the voice dude would speak through the K9 unit. Imagine that scenario in your head!)

I’m not convinced the angles are quite right, and it would have benefitted from a ruler. That would have given it the crisper, cleaner lines a loyal robot dog companion deserves, but I’m not totally unhappy with it. Now that I’ve posted this image, I’ve gone back and done a better job erasing pencil lines. (See…I am learning something. A month ago I wold have gone forward and started with pen!)

One of these days, though, I’m going to be able to draw things from my head, without using images found on the internet or how-tos. I can forgive myself that need for this topic, but several things I have done (graveyards, flowers, windows, to name a few) are things that I should be able to picture in my mind’s eye and produce on paper. I have to learn that it’s OK to make mistakes, because that is how I will get better.

Not that I am not making mistakes now, but I am making mistakes while mimicking the work of others. I can learn some basics and shaping from doing so, but is it truly progress if I fail to think of my own stuff?



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