Posted in Week 10 - Flowers (11/6/16 - 11/12/16)

Poppy for Veteran’s Day

True confession time: I drew something else first, then made the connection of poppies and Veteran’s Day. At first, I was going to save it for tomorrow but decided to just go for it and use what I originally drew later.

Considering I strayed from my how-to book and just used a model, I am satisfied with this image. Even though the book I have been using was not great to follow – it tended to rush through the steps and didn’t actually show them all – it has given me some good tips on using colored pencils. And those tips are especially effective now that I have good tools. My usage of them doesn’t show very well, but I’m starting to get the idea.

Thank you to all our veterans. Regardless of where we, as citizens, stand with war or where we live, or our country’s choices on where to engage, we owe our soldiers a debt of gratitude we can never repay.

For the record, there are several veterans: at least two of my cousins and two uncles and both grandfathers. I don’t have photos of any of them digitally, except one: my Grampa Dawson. (My dad is the taller boy with blond hair on the right.)



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