Posted in Week 10 - Flowers (11/6/16 - 11/12/16)

My Drawings Aren’t Great, but I Have a New Passion for Prismacolor

This flower (apparently it’s a passion flower) was originally drawn yesterday…before I realized a poppy was a better idea.

I dont think it looks good at all. However, my new Prismacolor pencils made it really fun to do the shading, and like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am learning some new skills in shading and layering color.

Plus, it’s purple, always a plus.

The petals aren’t very distinct, but I am pretty happy with the leaves. The shading turned out pretty well, but I really need to work on the centers. I have a new respect and knowledge for how to use a white colored pencil. If I can hone my skills better, using the white can help add the gentle folds and bends you see in actual flower petals. 

On a related note, on Wednesday, I played with my old, crappy pencils. They’re labeled as watercolor, and although they should be able to be used dry, I have been frustrated all week (and on prior weeks as well, but it really showed when I started these flowers). Here’s what I did:

It’s still wet in this image, but I DO like the effects, so they weren’t a total waste, after all! I can’t say that I’ll be doing anything with them soon, as there is too much potential for mess and inexactness that I don’t have the skills to handle at this point, but it IS something that I want to try!



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