Posted in Week 10 - Flowers (11/6/16 - 11/12/16)

A Rose by Any Other Name…Can Still be Drawn Terribly

My subject this week is flowers in colored pencils, mainly so I can use up my awful tools. I really hate these colored pencils. They are Artist’s Loft. DON’T USE THEM!!! They break super easy, but I hate wasting money, so I have to use them until I actually need new pencils.

You want to know what makes this image even more pathetic than my sucky art skills? I used tracing paper and graphite for the base image, and it still looks like this.

The model I used was from a how-to book on drawing flowers with colored pencil. I probably should have started with something simpler, like a pansy. Because it’s a how-to book, the base image is not actually like the final version, and I had immense difficulty in translating, made worse with the fact that I used too much pressure when I used the graphite sheet.

I had trouble following the steps in the shading layers. For one, I suck at art and don’t have a lot of the basic skills that seem necessary. For another, the book jams a LOT of steps into one, without very good visuals to show what it’s talking about. Plus, in my opinion, they use WAY too many colors to achieve the shading. My understanding is that you can achieve subtle shading that appears like a lot but only using a few actual colors.

The leaves did turn out pretty well,  even if the stem is a bit chubby. Ironically, most of the leaves were not part of the tracing, and I didn’t follow the shading steps a closely. Of course, leaves have always been my go-to doodle, and there weren’t as many layers to the shading, so a rank beginner like me had a better chance of success here.

This might be a long week….



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