Posted in Week 9 - Candy (10/30/16 - 11/5/16)

Bite Sized but More Than I Could Chew (i.e. Draw)

Milky Way Midnights are divine. Dark chocolate draped over caramel and nougat, and I can’t stop eating them, especially in the mini version. The flavor balance is perfect.

Since I hadn’t drawn from life since my first sketch this week (the Zagnut), I thought I’d give it a try.

It was more than I could handle. Instead of the wrapped candy, I ended up just using an empty wrapper to draw the logo. I did make a solid attempt at the candy itself, but I had to use my photograph as opposed to the candy sitting in front of me. I couldn’t translate the “live” candy into lines and shapes. I have trouble with that a it is, but this subject was too small and too shiny.

I’m disappointed in the way I drew the logo. I went too small, and I had trouble coloring around the word “midnight” which involved accidentally covering the last “y” and multiple erasures and re-drawings. In the actual sketch, it’s more visible but not so much in the photo.

The candy itself turned out better than expected. I did pretty well nailing the very dark brown shade of the chocolate, through some blending. I got a shadow and the way the chocolate isn’t a smooth top – it has those “waves.” I did have trouble with the bottom shape of the bite, and the angle is not quite the same as in the photo. It works….ok….

Funny story, though. This was in one of those giant, super expensive mix bags: Snickers, regular and Midnight Milky Ways, Twix, and Three Musketeers. This bag was almost entirely Snickers and regular Milky Way. There were 10-12 (ish) each of the Midnights and Musketeers. 

There were exactly two Twix. Two. It was my turn for treats at the weekly English department meeting. I eat in even numbers (someday I might blog about that), so I grabbed two Midnights and two Twix. My coworker started poking through the bag looking for more. No success. We dumped the bag. No more Twix. She was disappointed, so I contacted the company. (The low numbers of Midnight and Musketeers was also a motivating factor).

M&M/Mars was very responsive, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting a free bag of candy.

I think it would be really funny if they just sent me a bag of Twix.



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