Posted in Week 9 - Candy (10/30/16 - 11/5/16)

Never Out of Season

Peeps are amazing. I love every flavor and shape (except bubblegum and the mystery flavor that turned out to be buttered popcorn flavor, even though they tasted better than Jelly Bellies). I had Peeps socks (until Ripley ate one). Peepsters (if you can get them) are delicious, and their fudge isn’t too bad. Our local stores tend not to carry the seasons beyond Easter any more, so I buy direct from the website.

Available for almost any major holiday, Peeps don’t tend to show up in trick-or-treat bags. (But at one point, fun size packages WERE available on the website!)

True confession time: I could have drawn from life. There is a package of pumpkin Peeps (and ghosts and tombstones and caramel apple flavor) in my cupboard. However, I have the big package…and have trouble drawing from life…so I found a photograph online. Plus, the large package is mostly purple packaging, and you can’t really see the pumpkins. Since this is in the spirit of Halloween candy, I felt it important to see them.

It started well. I did the bottom first. The logo worried me some, but it turned out decent, although the additional images on the purple didn’t. The Peeps didn’t look so good until I added the faces, but real Peeps are much more consistent size-wise than I managed to draw. It did take a couple of attempts. I did not pre-sketch but did lightly pale some lines to try to get them approximately the same size.

Note – After posting the photo I got a better look at my coloring job. I have since. Gone back and smoothed it out, though I didn’t re-take the photo.



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