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What’s in Your Bag?

Handbags can be really cute. I have several, but I rarely carry them. This is because whatever I’d put in a purse or handbag would fit just as easily in the bag I’m using for school (work) or travel or the gym. 

Or I end up carrying WAY more than I actually need to take with me and not carrying a purse or bag prevents that.

Since it’s Sunday I have even less reason to carry a bag of any kind, since we do not tend to really go anywhere. However, I had a debate tournament yesterday, so here we go:

From right to left:

-my “official” speech/debate coach bag, purchased from thirty-one in school colors – in the left hand pocket are my  RayBan sunglasses (my husband bought himself a pair, then he thought he lost them so he got a replacement, then he found the originals and gave me one pair) – barely visible in the right pocket is my (now) empty travel coffee mug (They Might Be Giants logo)

 -school keys (car keys with school vehicle key were in my coat pocket) — keychains include a Super Mario Chomp-Chomp from my monthly Geek Box and a Doctor Who mini button

-fingerless gloves and Doctor Who button — this was a costume tournament, and I went as Rose, but since it’s an unprecedented 70+ degrees at the end of October in Iowa), it was too warm to wear them (the button had been on my jacket, but I didn’t want to wash it by accident, so I tucked it in my bag when we were done)

-highlighters, pens, pencil, white out, post-its — for judging and helping students with their cases

-“light” reading on Congressional debate (even though I never actually have time to read at tournaments)

-gum (for the coffee), chapstick (for the dry weather), and Advil (I am prone to headaches/migraines….and my debate team is 99% freshmen and sophomore boys), lipstick (part of my costume)

-my “doodle” book and pen (like I’d have time to draw — I wanted to take my art bag [it would have fit] but I was trying to be realistic – it was a compromise)

-my padfolio (with legal pad, more pens, tournament info and student health cards)

-a folder with our ballots

-my school-issued laptop and charger (tucked into my doctor who slipcase) – another instance of something I didn’t actually need

This is all pretty typical for a tournament, though I often usually have snacks, my iPad (yes, and the laptop), a book or magazine, maybe a crochet project, and at least one other thing that I cannot realistically think I would use or have time for.



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