Posted in Week 8 - Halloween: Spooky Graveyards (10/23/16 - 10/29/16)

My Quest to Draw a Spooky Graveyard, An Unsuccessful but Heroic Attempt

(Bonus points for you if you can figure out what this image is modeled after!)

Drawing single headstones was boring…and that second one really disapointed me. Since then I’ve done graveyards with mixed results. Ultimately, I was hoping to do a full scene by the end of the week, anyway. Plus, all this “single object” sketching I am doing is all well and good…but really not much at all.

Summary of the last three days:

-Attempt one (10/25/16) – was good … until I did the “tree that shall not be named.”

-Attempt two (10/26/16) – I was really happy with this, and felt confident going forward with straight up charcoal sticks.

-Attempt three (10/27/16) was more about the tree than about gravestones. And the main reason I chose the image to model – the fence – didn’t turn out so hot.

Feeling pretty good about things, even with the flaws, I decided to model the next two days (today and tomorrow) from the cemeteries from a much-loved PC game series from the 80s/90s – the greatest ever made.

Hot mess is not a phrase I like or have ever used in my life, but it seems appropriate here. True, it’s difficult to do a “smooth line” rendition of a pixelated image, but still. I think my artistic eyes were bigger than my skill level. 

Here’s another example of putting some though in ahead of time (and a faint pencil outline as a base) would have made a huge difference. One of the biggest causes of this epic fail is that I tried to do some fine detail early on – detail that would have been better served with a charcoal pencil at the least, at best a regular pencil that I could build from. 

It’s not like I put NO thought in before I began: I did consider the best place to start, based on overlapping and shadows, shapes, etc. I just didn’t put enough – such as line thicknesses and shading – and the effects that would happen when I started to shade (which I had not intended to do when I started). I definitely didn’t think enough about the background; I can’t even say for sure whether or not I initially planned to even attempt it, and the upper branches of the tree really suffered as a result. They weren’t half bad when first sketched.

There does seem to be a sense of depth, so yay me! (And I have to say, the photos of all these sketches look WAY better than in real life.)

But I tried, and you can’t get better at anything if you don’t push yourself and keep raising the bar. 



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