Posted in Week 8 - Halloween: Spooky Graveyards (10/23/16 - 10/29/16)

Sometimes It Pays Not to Think

Because of late meetings at school, I always have fewer free hours on Wednesday evenings. That’s why I always try to do something simpler, even if I have already trying to push myself detail-wise for the week.

I really didn’t have any ideas, nor could I find a good model, for just a single headstone, so I went for a simple scene.

Here’s the model I found:

I decided to try a charcoal stick again and just go for it — no pencil outline underneath, just start sketching with a medium stick, trying not to think too hard about what I was doing or how.

Especially considering the tree trouble I had yesterday, I’m not dissatisfied with this. Perfect? Of course not, but I’m pleased with the consistency of style and variety of uses of the medium. Sometimes (like the tree branches and narrower, more defined grass), I used the corner. Other times I used a full edge, like the crosses – those are just long, width-strokes. They are the exact width of my charcoal stick, actually. 

I also played with the amount of pressure I used. I only used the medium stick, and without even thinking, I changed up how hard I pressed, and although it is far from the best shading, for a quick sketch, with no cloth, finger, or tortillon shading, it’s not too bad. I think the headstone is particularly good. 

(And yes, that is a Doctor Who TARDIS quilt on my lap. My mom made it; isn’t she awesome?)



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