Posted in Week 8 - Halloween: Spooky Graveyards (10/23/16 - 10/29/16)

I Can’t Get the @#%! Trees!, or Know When to Stop

Although it turned out better than yesterday’s single headstone, as you can tell by my title, I added one tree too many.

Here is a link to my inspiration image:

It has the one tree in it, and I added the one on the right since I had a big empty space – I hadn’t taken the image all the way to the edge.  

 And….once again half my blog disappears.

It’s satisfactory, despite the fact that once I sketched it out in pencil I tried to go over it with a regular charcoal stick, which was a disaster. I tried to “erase” as best I could, and the left tombstone suffered as a result. The dimensions were OK until I went over it.

Once I finished fleshing it out with charcoal pencil, I realized I didn’t like the big open space in the middle. I thought, “Hey, I’ve painted a few trees – both with and without leaves. Surely, adding a basic bare tree would be easy enough.”

To be safe, I found a picture online to model after. It was more detailed than I wanted (and could do), but I thought I could simplify it.

I could not.

First, there weren’t enough branches, then too many, then the lower trunk was WAY wider than above, then I broadened it but it wasn’t quite right. To me, it looks like a bad haircut. Here’s the result:



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