Posted in Week 8 - Halloween: Spooky Graveyards (10/23/16 - 10/29/16)

Spooky Gravestones for Halloween – Week 8

Although Halloween isn’t until next Monday, and Sunday is my new theme day, it makes much more sense to me to lead up to a holiday than to follow it after it’s over.

I do pretty OK with “blocky” images (windows, houses, etc.), and I’d really like to expand my tools, so this seems like a good match. Those smoky images from those two mediums would be perfect for creating spooky drawings for Halloween.

Sketches in charcoal and graphite are gorgeous, so I’ll be playing around with those this week. Though I’m pretty sure that I won’t quite hit gorgeous level, especially since graphite is 100% new to me. 

My plan is to start out with individual headstones, then maybe end with a larger image of an entire (though small) graveyard. We’ll see how that goes. Based on my first attempt, I’m not sure I can build my skill in just six days in order to create a decent-looking landscape with these mediums. It’s not that I mind sharing my art fails, but I do have my limits.

This result wasn’t as bad (or quite as messy) as I expected. I did the outline in charcoal pencil, and I was pretty happy with it, until I went over it with a soft graphite stick and started smudging the edges:

The shading didn’t look quite right, and I know the horizontal method definitely wasn’t appropriate, so I kept adding on. The top image is the final result. The placing of light/dark doesn’t seem right to me (especially around the cracks), but adding those cracks and vertical lines at the top (from the effects of rain, was the idea), did seem to help the overall drawing.
I thought about adding some weeds or long grass around the bottom, but I didn’t want to clutter that part of the image. I’m just getting a baseline and a feel for charcoal and graphite, so that level of detail is not what I’m going for right now. Simple is my goal for starting out.



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